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10 Rooms Where Exposed Brick Rules

10 Rooms Where Exposed Brick Rules – Design*Sponge

Perfectly painted drywall or plaster has a clean, easy aesthetic in homes and studios. Its versatility allows color schemes to change effortlessly. The charm and personality in rooms with enclosed walls comes from the pieces that fill the space, rather than the walls themselves. But exposed brick is full of character on its own.

Writer Gertrude Stein Is Now A Permanent Guest At The Renwick Hotel

Stein, for the most part, lived in France where she was one of the most original and compelling figures in the world of art and literature for almost half a century. On the wall of her studio were the masterpieces by El Greco, Manet, Renoir Gaugin,  and Cezanne placed along the side of the works of Matisse and Picasso in which she made herself one of the most famous addresses in the world.

Writer Gertrude Stein Is Now A Permanent Guest At The Renwick Hotel – Design Milk

If you’re a literary fan of the likes of Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, and now Gertrude Stein, the Renwick Hotel in NYC was made for you.

Gertrude Stein is getting her own suite at the Renwick Hotel in New York , joining previous fellow residents of the hotel like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann and John Steinbeck. The Renwick, which was recently renovated by Stonehill & Taylor Architects and Planners , has a nostalgic interior design that pays homage to the literary greats of the American Lost Generation.


What You Need to Know About Marriage and Money

Interesting article something that is not generally spoken before the big wedding day.  Even more important than planning the wedding is preparing for marriage.  The wedding is basically a ceremony, the biggest party you will throw. As my Wife and I realised money is a major source of conflict among newly married couples.  For this reason, it is important for those planning to marry to talk about how they will manage their money once the ‘big day’ is over.  Fortunately we learned this early in our marriage.


What You Need to Know About Marriage and Money

Money is still the #1 topic married couples fight about – even happily married ones. Want to keep fiscal fights in your marriage to a minimum? The five tips below can improve your finances and help maintain wedded bliss. Don’t want to bring up touchy subjects like money before the wedding?