Farewell Proxima Nova Soft, hello Proxima Soft

Farewell Proxima Nova Soft, hello Proxima Soft

We have just retired Proxima Nova Soft from the Typekit library. Only rarely do we retire font families from our library – and when we do, we want to be sure to let you know how to mitigate any imp…

Horoscope App

Horoscope App

Opening Adobe Photoshop Files

The frustrating aspect of learning photoshop is that when learning it you will realise that you can accomplish the same task several ways. The following tutorials cover some of the different ways that you can open up different files in photoshop.

Opening an Image

Professional Development for Educators – Opening an image in Photoshop on Adobe TV

This brief tutorial shows you how to open an image in Photoshop. This activity comes from the Adobe Professional Development Workshop, “Explore Creativity in Today’s Classroom”.

Opening an image without Photoshop

The Best Ways to Open a PSD File Without Photoshop

Photoshop definitely got it right with the PSD file format. It saves the complete state of a still-being-edited image so that you can close down and resume work later. When working with images, you should always keep a PSD copy around in case you need to make tweaks to the image later on.

Opening a PDF in Photoshop

Opening and Editing PDF Files in Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop CS6)

A simple tutorial on opening and editing PDF files using photoshop for calendar purposes.

Sites We Like: Green Chameleon and Zaengle

Sites We Like is all about profiling excellent examples of web type in use. In this week’s post we’re sharing two design agency sites that really practice what we preach! Green Chameleon First up we have UK-based agency Green Chameleon .

Source: Sites We Like: Green Chameleon and Zaengle