Centre: Balmain

Days Available: Alt Sun & Tues

Anne has many years of experience having read tarot cards for thirty years and she has been at Nature’s Energy since 2007. Connecting with your guides for help with answers for you, she is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Anne also gives clear guidance with regard to timing your plans, through numerology.


Centre: Balmain

Days Available: Fridays

Antonella has 15 years experience as a professional tarot card reader and a strong background in natural therapies, teaching, the arts and communications. Her reading style is not only warm, spiritual and intuitive but positive and practical, providing her clients with accurate and insightful readings.


Centre: Newtown

Days Available: Saturdays

Bader offers Tarot reading, Psychometry, Clairvoyancy and Spiritual Healing. Bader has been very intuitive all his life. At a very young age Bader was exposed to the art of divination through his grandmother who helped develop Bader’s own psychic abilities. Through his spiritual studies Bader learnt tarot reading, psychometry and mediumship as well as spiritual healing, reiki, crystal healing and chakra cleansing. Baderhas helped many people transform their lives.


Centre: Glebe

Days Available: Wed

Christina has been doing written signature, clairvoyance and card readings for over 20 years. Through her intuitive insights she is committed to assisting clients seek a clearer understanding of both themselves and the situations which present themselves throughout lives. It is important for her to create an environment that is both receptive and nurturing to her clients so that they can feel comfortable and at ease when seeking guidance and a sense of clarity. She enjoys the the connections experienced with those she reads for.


Centre: Glebe & Newtown

Days Available: Wed & Thurs & Sat

Joanne offers Tarot readings, spiritual counselling and healing. From her teens she has been asking herself the big questions; why are we here? Why is life the way it is? They began her inner journey. Joanne has delved into Rebirthing, Gestalt Dream Therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), The Sedona Method and Kinesiology/muscle testing.Through tarot readings, spiritual counselling and healing, Joanne can offer experience and wisdom and not just philosophy.


Centre: Balmain

Days Available: Alt Sundays

Karen is qualified in Angel Healing and Parapsychology, Hypnotherapy and NLP Counselling. She is Clairsentient and Clairaudient. Karen has been practising since 1996. combining her readings with Astrology and Numerology to provide accurate and insightful understandings. Karen uses Metasymbology to reveal your life path. Karen also performs healings by combining Crystal Aura Clearings and Healings with Hypnotherapy. This unique combination facilitates the healing process, clearing all blockage and negative feelings in the chakras and auric field.


Centre: Balmain & Newtown

Days Available: Thurs, Fri & Sun

Kathleen is a gifted Psychic Reader and Clairvoyant. She gets straight to the point with clear and concise messages from the spirit world. She has over 30 years experience and with all those years experience. She will give you the best intuitive guidance, helping people solve problem in any situation using her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills as well as psychometry Kathleen will help you with many of lifes issues. Her clairvoyant ability is very impressive and uncanny.


Centre: Balmain

Days Available: Fill Ins Only

Mira holds qualifications in Remedial Massage, Medical Herbalism and Iridology and also in Kinergetics (Kinesiology) and Facial Kinetics (a Bowen Therapy). Additionally she holds a Reiki Masters qualification and uses Bach Flower and Australian Bush Flower Essences. She combines these modalities to create an individual treatment program for each client. Mira also offers Naturopathic Consultations and Iridology. She is registered as a practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and has most health funds.


Centre: Glebe & Newtown

Days Available: Fri & Sun

Sally holds a diploma in Astrology, a BA in Art History and is a registered Life Coach. Her deeply intuitive Tarot readings will open you to a dynamic future filled with magical, yet realistic options. Sally weaves the archetypal language of your astrological natal chart in a dynamic framework and shines a deeply intuitive yet goal oriented light on all areas of your life, from your relationships to career and creative projects. Her work is insightful, inspiring and empowering. Sally writes a periodically horoscope for the Nature’s Energy Facebook page.


Centre: Balmain

Days Available: Mondays

Sulabh Jain is a straight forward, no-nonsense reader who combines tactful empathy with practical insight to find solutions and direction for his clients.  He has a unique style that combines Palmistry, Tarot, Face Reading and Numerology for accurate insights into how past behaviours and thought patterns determine current and future reality.


Centre: Balmain & Glebe

Days Available: Mon, Wed & Thurs

Verena started her journey 18 years ago. She studied Metaphysics and Parapsychology and uses her natural intuitive talents to read Tarot. Her guiding helps her client’s to understand the direction and purpose in their lives and see what the future holds for them.  Verana’s aim is that this experience will make her client’s feel more enlightened and comforted.