Spiritual Healing

30 min - $55 | 45 min - $85 | 60 min - $105 | 90 min - $140

Spiritual Healing works on the subtle and emotional energies within the body to assist in clearing blocked and negative energy in the auric field and chakras. Our healer’s specialise in an array of unique healing styles and techniques to assist in balancing, clearing and renewing your mind body and soul.

Best if: You are emotionally sensitive and feel out of balance..


Initial & Follow up 90 min - $150

Kinesiology is a powerful technique that initiates the body’s natural ability to heal itself through addressing all aspects of your being - physical, emotional and spiritual using a technique called muscle testing. Muscle Testing simply tests a muscle’s resistance, how the muscle responds reveals the body’s functioning, the Practitioner can then locate imbalances in the body and mind and help correct them.

Best if: You feel stuck or trapped or really don’t understand what is wrong with you.