Glebe Spa & Sauna



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Spa & Sauna

30 min - $26 | 45 min - $35 | 60 min - $40


Designed for you to enjoy at your leisure - this space is private and only booked with the people you want to share with.

We keep our spa at a constant 37 degrees C to guarantee a highly relaxing and therapeutic experience that eases away tension and stress.The Sauna is heated to 70 degrees C and aids in the detoxification and clearing of your mind.

Access to our shower facilities, towels and refreshments are included. If you have booked other treatments following your spa then gowns and slippers are provided for your comfort.

Please bring your own swimming costume for the Spa. A Spa before your massage is always suggested to warm and relax the muscles.

It is not recommended to use the Spa & Sauna during any stage of pregnancy.