Picture of oil artworks similar to Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh but with a cartoon twist

Artist’s Painting Gets Mistaken For A Van Gogh, So She Creates Brilliant ‘Starry Night’ Series


Image of a black woman and man with surprised looks on their faces

Super Realistic Pencil Drawings by Arinze Stanley

It 's hard for me to believe that these images are indeed drawings and not photos. The precision of the pencil in the hands of the Nigerian artist, Arinze Stanley are a tribute to patience and self-discipline, and they can take over 200 hours of work. The artist from Nigeria publishes his drawings on Instagram to negate the claims that they are not photos. The pictures on Instagram show the progress of the drawings. The attention to detail includes beads of sweat and strands of hair, and it is these features they give the hyper-reality to the portraits.

Picture of an angry snow yeti wearing an orange backpack

Snow: Sami the Yeti

Visit the post for more. Source: Snow: Sami the Yeti

Photo of a black and white picture of a girl with black paint smothered across the bottom half of her face and paper

“From the Pages” Group Show @ Paradigm Gallery

From the Pages at Paradigm Gallery is a co-curated group exhibition bringing together a diverse group of 13 national artists in a contemporary gallery setting. The collaboration features artists who appeared in Popova's publications: Create! Source: "From the Pages" Group Show @ Paradigm Gallery